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MySpamSponge is a free site I developed that anyone can use to block all of their spam, but never any legitimate messages. With MySpamSponge, you communicate using handles instead of e-mail addresses. A handle is essentially a contact code that gives people a way to contact you via e-mail without you having to reveal your e-mail address. Similarly, you can send a message by using the recipient’s handle as the address (mine is doctor).


MySpamSponge really works. I previously received several thousand spam messages per month. Now it's zero.

The MySpamSponge FAQ page presents other compelling reasons to use my free service, such as protecting your computer, online (& offline) identity, and much more.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: All questions and comments submitted to me become my irrevocable property and may be published in my Q & A forums, books, web sites, or in other venues. However, I will not reveal your last name unless you specifically authorize me to do that. Please omit any material that you do not want published.